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To check out our great hosting options or set up a web site domain with us, visit the Web Hosting Options page. Hosting your site with ATR/IHPS will get you the following great services and features:

High Bandwidth Facility
Our secure service center uses multiple high speed connections and redundant routing, so visitors to your site will always enjoy great performance.
Top Quality Hardware and Services
Cisco routers, data backed up daily, UPS and backup power generators. With our high quality hardware, we provide at least 99% network uptime. With our high quality services, support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Unlimited E-mail Aliases
You can have as many e-mail aliases as you need, for example,, or, etc.
Reliable Servers
Our service uses the popular and reliable Linux operating system.
E-mail Autoresponder
This will send an automatic e-mail response back to the sender, containing a response you design. When someone sends an e-mail to, your pre-designed response will automatically be sent back to the sender, and the sender's message automatically forwarded to you so you can provide further response if necessary.
E-mail Forwarding
We can set up your site to take any e-mail sent to it and automatically forward it to another e-mail address of your choosing.
Domain Name Registration
We can set up your site with its own web address, or "domain name." Your own dedicated Internet address gives you recognition and clout in the market place -- local, state, country or worldwide.
Web Statistics
We can set up your domain to track how many visitors come to your site, so you can monitor how effectively your site is working for you. If you have a serious business purpose for your site, this can be of critical use to the web-related aspects of your marketing plan.
Search Engines
The biggest reason that a web site fails to attract visitors is that the site owner gets the site set up, then simply sits back and waits. Search engines are now the top choice for finding information on the web. We can register your site with all the popular web search engines, so that many potential customers can find and visit your web site.
Database Support
To handle any online data storage needs you might have, our service uses the popular and reliable MySQL database.
FTP Access
We provide FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to your site. You can work on your files and graphics on your local machine, then upload them to your site when ready via FTP, any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Perl / PHP / Python
Our service supports Perl, PHP, and Python.

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